Copy Art
The humble Xerox print is Unbefangenheit (roughly = naturness/lack of inhibition).
All things are in a stage of development, this is showing the truth. Photo-copying is an excellent medium for this as it produces a new (printing-) plate for each print, so to say.
Artworks can be produced by processes comparable to distilling or mining. Copyart can show the working of this refining process or, of course, the earth turned up mixec with the artistic gems.

See also Art Game cards where the working proof principle is intergrated in the artwork.
I have a large selection of prints in various techniques from all periods of my artistic activity, which can be viewed in the studio.
However, a few more prints can be viewed in my web print gallery

CopyArt Atelier Zeitschrift von Block 16   CopyArt Studio Newssheet

You become what you behold could be the title of this picture, but it isnīt.
So we shall call it :- Everything is a part of you. I am what I perceive.
Text from the artist relevant to this picture

Marcel Duchamp meditates                reworked photo-copy poster montage 1998

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 Marcel contemplates,
big history painting no. 4 1920-29, acrylics, 140 x 170 cm.,  2001
more about history painting

see also process of painting
 'The Cross' or 1914 itself, 2000

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